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Atlanta 'Thug' Cop Beats & Tazes Black Woman For 'Talking Loud'! (Video)

MTO News has obtained a very disturbing and graphic video, showing a Gwinnett County police officer brutalizing a Black woman, then tasing her. The officer is now being called a 'thug' all over social media.

The details of the incident are still unfolding, and MTO News is working hard to determine the facts. But according to social media reports, neighbors of a Black family from Atlanta, Georgia called the police on Black women who sitting on their porch and talking. 

The neighbors claimed that the women were "talking too loud," according to people on Twitter claiming to have inside information on the incident.

The reports further claim that an aggressive officer arrived on the scene, and asked the women to keep the noise down. One of the women in the group reportedly told the officer that she "knew her rights" and asked the officer to leave their property - and that's where things went left.

That's where the video kicks in. In the video, the officer appears to be trying to get the woman to leave, but she refuses claiming she is on "her property."

The officer then lunges towards the woman and manhandles her, and claims that she's under arrest - even though it's not clear what law she broke. 

He then pulls out his taser and stuns the woman multiple times. The video is horrific and has since gone viral.

MTO News reached out to the Gwinnett County police department for comment, and so far we have not received a response.