BREAKING: Atlanta Teacher UNDER FIRE . . . For Releasing TWERK Video ONLINE!!! (Video)

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A video has gone viral - and it purports to show an Atlanta public school teacher twerking in her spare time. And the video has caused an UPROAR in the traditionally conservative Southern city.

The video first surfaced on the website Flyheight. In it, the video shows a woman twerking. The site claims that the woman is actually a Public School teacher in Atlanta. They publish a picture of the woman.

Here is a pic of the dancer - when they claim she's at work

And the video has caused an uproar. We've received word that DOZENS of parents in the teacher class are threatening to PULL THEIR KIDS out of school over it.

MTO News reached out to Atlanta Public Schools. But since Friday was the last day of school - we have not received a comment on this report.