Atlanta Student 'EXPELLED' on 1st Day Of School For EXPLICIT Rant On Zoom!! (Video)


An Atlanta teenager has been expelled from school, on the first day of school - for "disruptive" behavior on his remote Zoom class.

The boy, who MTO News has learned is 16 years old, allowed one of his homies to go on Zoom during a class session - and curse out the teacher.

"F*ck yo class, b*tch," the teenager can be heard telling the high school teacher.

The teacher asked the disruptive teen to leave the Zoom meeting, and he replied, "b*tch I graduated already."

The teacher asked what the disruptive teen was doing in a high school class.

And the disruptive teen explained that he was, "smoking a big backwood, b*tch." A backwood refers to a type of cigar commonly smoked in the hood. Sometimes marijuana is placed inside the backwoods instead of tobacco.

Then the teacher dropped a bomb. She explained that the disruptive teen was not allowed to use the Zoom account of his younger brother. And that the younger brother faced expulsion from school for allowing the disruptive teen into the class.

And thats exactly what happened, according to social media reports. MTO News read multiple social media postings claiming that the younger brother has since been expelled from all Atlanta public schools.