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Atlanta Street Party w/ Young Thug Breaks Out After GA Gov Opens State!

Georgia's Republican governor Brian Kemp "re-opened" the state on Friday, despite being one of the state's with the biggest COVID-19 outbreaks. And one day after the governor gave the all-clear, MTO News learned that a 750 person street party broke out in Atlanta.

Hundreds of people were there, and hip hop star Young Thug even showed up.

Unfortunately, the crowd did not seem to be adhering to the CDC's recommended social distancing guidelines. Very few of the partygoers wore masks, and people were exchanging hugs - like there was no pandemic.

See the video above.

Georgia's Republican governor Kemp and state officials moved ahead on Friday with the plans to reopen some businesses, undeterred by a wave of criticism. Now Georgia is trying to safely navigate relaxing restrictions while keeping residents safe.

The governor's decision pits him against mayors from cities such as Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah, as well as advice rooted in the data model often cited by the White House.