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Atlanta Security Guard Is Jumped By 2 Girls - For Refusing Entrance w/out Masks!

An Atlanta security officer was jumped by three young women, and beaten into a concussion - all because he refused the two young beauties entrance into a hotel restaurant, MTO News has learned.

Here is the video - warning contains VIOLENCE & FIGHTING

The security guard allegedly told the two girls that he was not allowing the ladies into the restaurant because they weren't wearing masks. But in Georgia, the governor "opened up" the state, including restaurants. And patrons are not required to wear facemasks.

When the two girls questioned the security guard, things turned violent. First, a pushing match ensued - and then the two girls started swinging.

The guard was punched repeatedly in the face by the two girls and fell to the ground. According to online reports, the security guard was later taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.

The two girls reportedly left after knocking the security officer senseless.

MTO News reached out to the Atlanta police and asked whether they wished to comment on this video. They did not.

Here is the video - warning contains VIOLENCE & FIGHTING