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Atlanta Rapper Hoodrich Pablo Gets ROBBED . . . Thieves Pose On LIVE His Jewels . . . Bragging!!


Atlanta Rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan was robbed in Atlanta yesterday - by a group of rivals. Normally you would think that Pablo would have to either call police, or call the STREETS - to get his jewelry back.

But it looks like he's not going to have to do EITHER. You see the men who ROBBED and BEAT Pablo - went on LIVE immediately after the incident - and BRAGGED about committing the crime.

The video - which has since gone viral, shows the men posing with the jewelry - and making further threats. The video seems to be the latest example of SELF SNITCHING - a new trend that's popular with younger street guys.

Here is the link to the video

According to Kulture Hub, "The 28-year-old rapper has long been apart of the Atlanta hip-hop scene but really broke in 2015 with his debut mixtape, Designer Drugz.

The tape, assisted by heavy hitters like Migos, Peewee Longway, and Jose Guapo, instantly put him on the forefront of the Atlanta music scene and he has not looked back since.

Moving to Atlanta at the tender age of 3 must have been destiny for HoodRich, who seamlessly ingratiated himself to the city’s workaholic mentality a la Gucci, Future, and others, dropping tape after tape with hardly any time in between.

But it wasn’t until after seven solo mixtapes and eight collab projects later that the “We Dont Luv Em” rapper was finally singed to Gucci’s 1017 Eskimos early last year and has not stop grinding since.