Atlanta Rapper Goes CRAZY After Smoking K2 On LIVE . . . Flushes $75K JEWELRY Down Toilet!!

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MTO News learned that a popular Atlanta rapper named Thouxanbanfauni went CRAZY - after smoking an unknown substance - believed to be K2. The rapper, who is buzzing in the streets and touring the world, is believed to have smoked the LEGAL but dangerous substance - then he went CRAZY on LIVE.

And the whole EPISODE OF CRAZY was broadcast to his fans all over the world. First, the rapper took off his jewelry - worth an estimated $75K . . . and flushed it down the toilet.

Then he drop kicked his brand new $3,000 LCD television. His girlfriend was holding the camera and streamed the craziness on Live.

What happened next? Well according to folks on social media, he has since COME DOWN from his high and regrets losing all his valuables.


Here is the video of it all going down.