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Atlanta Police Officer RIPS OFF Innocent Black Girls CLOTHES . . . Crowd Just WATCHES HIM!!!


A disturbing video is circulating, showing an Atlanta police officer ripping the clothes off a Black women, then laying on top of the naked lady. All while he's attacking and ripping off her clothes, the officer is yelling the common phrase, "Stop resisting."

But the online video is sparking a separate debate - should the dozen men who were standing there have INTERVENED and stopped the officer ASSAULTING the Black woman?

Here is the video - warning it is graphic

Multiple news sources online suggest that the woman who was stripped and battered was "innocent" of any crime. And the behavior of the men watching, appears to suggest that is true.

So why didn't any one of those men stop the officer from disrobing and then assaulting the woman? 

Here is the video - warning it is graphic