An Atlanta mother went viral, for attempting to drown her 6 month old baby ON LIVE. The mom - who goes by the name Quanda - was upset that her babys father had not made timely child support payments, according to text messages MTO News has obtained.

The video - which is VERY graphic - has now gone viral. It shows the mother crying - while attempting to drown the infant. In the video, Quanda is heard saying "Is this what you want" as the baby struggles under water.

Before going on LIVE and attempting to murder her baby, Quanda sent text messages to her child's father, demanding money and threatening their infant daughter.

First Quanda asked for money.When she didn't get an answer, she sent the following threatening text:

"Send me my money now or she bouta die on Live."

Then the mom went on Livestream, and attempted to kill the poor little girl. And Quanda tagged her babys father in the video.


MTO News has notified Atlanta police authorities of this video.