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Atlanta Man w/ 2 Wives, Goes Viral And Black Twitter RESPONDS!!

Photos of Kevin Wesley - an Atlanta man with two wives - have gone viral on the internet, MTO News has learned. Kevin and his wives share a home and family responsibilities.

But people are SPLIT over Kevin and his two wives. Most men seen to admire Kevin's lifestyle, while most women are shocked and skeptical that two women can happily share a man.


Here's the post that initially got people talking:

Kevin currently lives in Atlanta with his two wives - and their 6 children. Both of his wives work full-time, while Kevin works from home - exploring entrepreneurial business ventures.

Kevin claims to belong to an ancient African religion, which allows him to take on multiple wives.

He used to be a Christian pastor in Atlanta, before giving up on Christianity very publicly. Here's a video of him denouncing Christ, which went viral three years ago:

Black Twitter is going crazy over Kevin and his family: