Atlanta Man Shoots Baby Mama w/ Fireworks As Crowd Laughs! (2d Degree Burns)


An Atlanta woman is suffering from second degree burns on her body, after she was shot multiple times with fireworks - by her baby's father, MTO News has learned. And as she was screaming in pain with her flesh burning . . . the crowd looked on and laughed.


The incident happened yesterday, outside of Bankhead - where residents celebrated the Fourth of July by shooting off fireworks.

According to local reports, one resident began arguing with his child's mother and decided to use a fireworks rocket launcher as a weapon against her.

The man lit the launcher and began firing balls of explosive powder at his baby's mama.


The woman can be seen running away, and screaming in pain each time one of the fireballs hits her skin, MTO News has learned.

But what's even more disturbing is that the people watching the abuse laughed, and pulled out their phones to record the incident.

MTO News received word that the woman in the video was taken to the hospital and that she suffered second degree burns