Atlanta Housewives Tanya's Store Is LOOTED - She Cries On IG!!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Tanya Sam, took to Instagram on Saturday to show the damage done to her business as a result of the protests in Atlanta. 


Tanya, who is a business owner, posted a video showing the destruction of her business from the looting while she also discussed her feelings on the current climate in the city.

According to her, rioters and looters damaged her restaurant/lounge during the overnight protests over the murder of George Floyd, a young black man who was killed by police while unarmed and in handcuffs. The arresting officer was seen on film with a knee on the young man’s neck for over seven minutes.

“I know ya’ll are mad, I’m mad, too,” Tanya said as she cried. Then she told her fans to watch as she surveyed the damage.

“Nobody is listening to us,” Tanya told her fans.

As she surveyed the damage, she was emotional that the “black-owned business” that she had created with “black art” adorning the walls was damaged. However, she did not place blame nor express any anger or frustration towards the protesters. Tanya was “not worried about a window.” Instead, she showed empathy and concern, “my heart goes out to everybody.”.

Here are pics of the looted lounge: