ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES SHOCKER: Porsha From The Housewives . . . TO BE ARRESTED . . . For FIGHT ON SET!! (Wow . . . She's Going To JAIL Too)


On April 6, 2016, Jami Zeigler filed a Warrant Application against Porsha Williams in Fulton County, Georgia State Court. A warrant application hearing is when a non-law enforcement person wants to have someone arrested for a misdemeanor.

Rather than arrest first like law enforcement and have a hearing later they have the hearing and the judge decides whether to issue the warrant and have you arrested.

This action was filed by Jami in response the vicious BEAT DOWN that Porsha gave her in an alley (as was seen on the RHOA reunion, Episode 3). There was a hearing on June 3, 2016 and the judge reset the case for mediation.

We're told that there is sufficient evidence to ARREST Porsha for assault, and that a warrant will be issued for her ARREST on July 22, unless Porsha can "settle" the case with Jami. And if Porsha doesn't come up with a big enough BAG OF MONEY, she's going to JAIL!!

For those that forgot here it is: