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Would you look at that... the girls are fighting!

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Eva Marcille and Shamari Devoe got into a Twitter battle, yesterday on the popular social media platform.

Eva and Shamari had a few words on part 1 of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion show - which aired last Sunday. 

And the two ladies are expected to go at each other on part 2, airing this Sunday on Bravo at 9PM. Here's a sneak peak, which shows Shamari commenting on hiw cheap Eva's shoes are:

The two ladies are now continuing that war of words on Twitter.

Eva took to Twitter to Blast Shamari, after the preview aired, she called Shamari - "sad."

Shamari immediately struck back at the fellow peach holder, claiming that she was not being mean to Eva on the reunion show, it was just some "fun shade."

Eva didn't seem to think Shamari's comments were fun at all.

Here are screenshots of the Twitter fight:


What's funny is that just last month the two were getting along...

The March 3 episode sees Nene Leakes host a “Bye Wig” party much like the makeup-free gathering during season 8. While the ladies largely opted to put on some form of makeup then, they all agreed to let their real hair down for this event — but DeVoe did so a little too much when she decided to keep drinking away.

First, the Blaque member got a little frisky with peach holder Eva Marcille.

“I love you,” DeVoe tells the married model and mother of two as she gets close to the “RHOA” star. The singer then tries to put her mouth around Marcille’s nipple, which induces laughter in their cast mates.

“I’m going home with Eva tonight,” DeVoe declares.