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New Atlanta Housewives couple Ronnie Devoe and his wife Shamari were fighting at Shamari's 39th birthday party, MTO News has learned.

It all popped off at the popular nightclub Revel in Atlanta. Ronnie rented out a private room at the club, and threw Shamari a surprise birthday party.

The party started off great, with tons of the couple's family and friends there - drinking and having fun.

Here's a pic from the party:

But Shamari continued drinking for hours, and got deeply inebriated, and that's when we're told things went downhill.

A person at the event explained, "Shamari got drunk and belligerent, and started yelling and disrespecting her husband in front of folk."

Ronnie tried to keep Shamari calm, but it was to no avail. The tipster continued, "Shamari was yelling in his face like she wanted to fight him."

Shamari's behavior, tells the snitch, caused the party to end earlier than scheduled.

Well . .. at least she looked cute on her birthday.

Yesterday we reported that, "Nene was fighting her friend Marlo Hampton immediately before she snapped on a cameraman during a recent filming of RHOA. Well, MTO News spoke with one of the Housewives - who she spilled all the tea - Nene was actually fighting Shamari.

According to the current Housewife, who asked to remain anonymous, Nene was arguing with Marlo early in the evening, but she was trying to put hands on new cast member Shamari Devoe in the scene that we've all seen.

The housewife told MTO News, "Nene wasn't trying to fight Marlo, she was trying to fight Shamari."

The reality star continued, "Shamari got really drunk that night because she's an alcoholic. She asked to go to the bathroom to throw up. But instead of going into the bathroom she went into Nene's closet."