Bravo's Atlanta Housewives ratings are surging - ever since Ronnie Devoe and wife Shamari's "open relationship" storyline was introduced.

MTO News spoke with multiple Bravo executives who are all VERY happy with the performance of Shamari & Ronnie. And the ratings of the show are surging because of it.

Earlier this year, the Atlanta Housewives received its lowest-rated show in the franchise's history - getting less than 1.7 million viewers. But that was before Shamari was introduced.

Now that her storyline is brewing, the Atlanta Housewives is over 2 million viewers. Here are the ratings from Sunday's show:


We're told that the everyone loves Shamari and Ronnie - the producers, the Bravo execs, everyone. 

One top Bravo executive told MTO News, "She is such a pleasure to be around. She doesn't have the sense of entitlement of the other Housewives. I think she's the future of the franchise."