Porsha Williams is expected to "go into labor" during the reunion show of the Bravo hit series The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

MTO received the explosive news from our MOST RELIABLE insider at Bravo. According to our insider, Bravo scheduled the reunion show to be filmed on Thursday and Friday of next week. And Porsha is scheduled to have her baby delivered by c-section on Saturday.

Seems like a tight window right? Well it was set up this way.

Our insider explains, "Porsha is going to 'go into labor' during the filming. Then she'll be 'rushed' to the hospital and give birth the next day. It's all scheduled."

The "scheduled" birth was done to increase interest in the show, and in Porsha's pregnancy - which is being made into a reality show, also on Bravo.

The producer explained, "There are doctors on set and an ambulance waiting to rush her off the set. It's a huge production."

And we have some more unrelated tea regarding the upcoming Atlanta Housewives reunion. We're told that all the women will be wearing Japanese theme'd dresses. 

Our insider added, "The [Atlanta Housewives] dresses will all be very colorful, and Asian inspired."

Here's Porsha now, at 9 months pregnant: