Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is threatening to fight talk show host and comedian, Loni Love.

According to Porsha, the two ladies used to be friends, but now they're not.

On Friday's episode of The Real, the entire panel discussed Porsha, and her tumultuous relationship with her baby's father Dennis. Dennis was allegedly caught cheating on her, and she took him back.

The ladies were criticizing Porsha for reconciling with Dennis, after the cheating incident. Adrienne from The Real told the audience that she "couldn't do it." "I couldn't do it but I'm not going to judge someone else for the way they choose to live their life or decisions she's going to make. I don't understand it," Adrienne Bailon said.

But Loni, who was supposed to be Porsha's friend, had a different take on Porsha's relationship.

Loni told the audience, "Porsha's just trying to get a [spin-off] reality show." 

Porsha and Dennis already got a "spin off" show by Bravo last Spring. Loni believes the two are angling for another show.

Porsha didn't take that comment lightly at all and called out Loni for it on social media.

To which Loni responded in the Instagram post comments and wrote to the reality TV star, "Porsha.. I didn't say anything bad and you know was a light-hearted comment... I hope you get your show!"

Here's what Porsha had to say to Loni:


Sounds like a threat to us, what happens if Loni does PULL UP smiling????