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Last week the internet was full with speculation, that Atlanta Housewife Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley appeared too be separating.

Porsha unfollowed her fiancé last week, and so did her mother and her sister. Shortly afterwards, Porsha removed her engagement ring.

Well yesterday Porsha stepped out wearing a diamond wedding band, and now speculation is growing that she and Dennis not only reconciled - but that they may have got secretly married.

Here is the pic of Porsha wearing the apparent wedding band:


Here is the engagement ring that Dennis bought her:


The picture was taken yesterday, one day after Dennis returned to Atlanta from a week long business trip, MTO sources confirmed.

Here's what one of Porsha's friends told MTO News about the marriage speculation:

I can't say whether or not they're 'married.' But I do think that Dennis bought her that ring. And they are definitely back together.

Dennis wrote on his Instagram several days ago that, “P & PJ [heart] [strength] the rest is [poop emoji],” Dennis McKinley captioned a May 31 Instagram post. The pic – taken from Game 1 of the NBA finals, when Andrew Iguodala (who Dennis labeled “the bullsh*t”) dove into the crowd while Drake (who Dennis tagged as himself) appears to duck out of the way – was his response to the rumors that he and Porsha Williams, 37, had broken up. It seems that Porsha and PJ aka Pilar Jehna, their 2-month-old daughter, are all that matter to him and if someone says differently? “My lawyer is [Mike Sterling],” Dennis added.