Porsha Williams form the Real Housewives of Atlanta released some very sexy pregnancy pics this weekend. The images will be used for an upcoming Essence magazine photo spread.

Porsha is 8 months pregnant with her first child, by fiancé Dennis McKinley. Porsha announced she was pregnant in September. The Bravo star had tried keeping the pregnancy under wraps after previously suffering a miscarriage six years ago. 

And the couple seems to be enjoying their pregnancy. Dennis and Porsha spent the last week in Barbados, where they are enjoying their final days as non-parents. They call their trip their "BabyMoon."

Soon after she announced her baby news, Porsha and Dennis got engaged. At their gender reveal in October, they revealed they were expecting a baby girl!

But Porsha's pregnancy is not completely without scandal. Fellow Housewife Kandi Burress is making claims on this season of their Bravo show, that Porsha is uncertain of her child's paternity.

Here are the images:

Someone on social media told Porsha that it’s ‘Lovely seeing how happy you are with your baby on the way Porsha that this happens for me in the new year too! God bless.’

Another follower said ‘That’s right never deny or not spoil a preggo woman!!!! And you look so beautiful.’

Someone else also gushed over Porsha’s excitement and happiness that she has been living during these past months: ‘I love how you’re living your best life despite the naysayers. You look happy, and I love it.’

One supporter said ‘we’ve seen her grow over the years and she’s so deserving of all this happiness and joy … I’m super happy for her like I personally know her. ’

In a scene, Kandi claims that Porsha was "dating" other men besides Dennis - around the time that her baby was conceived.

Porsha and Dennis deny Kandi's assertions. They claim that they are 100% certain they the biological parents to Porsha's baby.