Atlanta Housewives and former arch enemies Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams are now BEST FRIENDS, MTO News has confirmed.

You'll recall that a few years back, Porsha physically attacked Kenya during a reunion show, and dragged her across the stage by her weave. Well that's now all just water under the bridge.

So how'd it happen? Well the two initially bonded, we're told, at Kenya's daughter Brooklyn's Barbie Party two weeks ago. Here are pics from the event.

Our production insider explained, "[At Brooklyn's party] that was the first real conversation that Porsha and Kenya had for more than a year, and they talked for hours, even after the party was over." "Kenya knows how hard it is to be a new mom, and especially a single mom," the insider added.

Kenya certainly is NOT single - she's married - but her husband lives in New York and Kenya and Brooklyn live in Atlanta. While Kenya's hubby commutes home every weekend, she's basically a single mom 5 days out of the week

And in the past two weeks - Kenya and Porsha's relationship has taken off, with folks calling them "best friends."

The producer added, "Kenya and Porsha are the new frick and frack. They have a true and genuine friendship."

We're happy for the two ladies . . . but also very skeptical. We can't imagine that this friendship is going to last very long . . .