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Porsha Williams from the Atlanta Housewives appears to be getting some plastic surgery, to help her "snapback" from her recent pregnancy.

Yesterday, the Atlanta Housewife went in to see the popular Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr Curves, for a consultation.

Porsha's mother Diane, who is 62, recently got her body done by Dr Curves - and the results look great.

Now Porsha, who gave birth just 3 months ago, is looking to get back to her hourglass figure.

Here's video of Porsha and her mom (and beautiful Pilar) sitting in the waiting room, waiting to speak with Dr Curves:

Porsha and her fiancé Dennis McKinley are in the midst of a tumultuous time in their relationship. Rumors of their separation hit the new last week, when Porsha unfollowed Dennis - and so did her mother and sister.

Then the rumors picked up, when Porsha removed her engagement ring, and began posting ringless pics online.

Whatever was going on - now seems to have passed. Porsha is now wearing her ring again, and following Dennis. And Dennis told fans last weekend, that he still loves Porsha.