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Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley told the Bravo audience that Dennis was selling his condo, so that he could move into a new home with Porsha.

Well it looks like that's NOT true. Porsha's fiancé stealthily removed his condo from the market - and is keeping it. Word around Atlanta is that he's now renting the condo to one of his homies.

It's not clear whether Porsha knows that Dennis took the condo off the market. Well, she does after reading this article. . . . 

Dennis, an entrepreneur who originally hails from Detroit, listed his loft in Atlanta's Castleberry Hill neighborhood, part of a building with 15 residences that are collectively known as the West Lumber Lofts, for $495,000.

Shortly afterwards he moved in with Porsha, as the two were expecting their daughter, Pilar.

Then - once in Porsha's home - Dennis began planning to buy a new mansion. He even put a down payment on their a house without consulting Porsha, which was reportedly taken from the couple's joint account.

But it now seems like Dennis doesn't plan on selling his old house at all. Last month, Dennis removed his condo from the market. One of his friends is currently renting it out now.

Here are pictures of his condo:


And here is a receipt that the condo is off the market. It was being sold by Berkshire Hathaway realty. But here's the link to the condo's "for sale" page now: