Porsha got into a social media argument on Instagram, with a woman claiming to be her fiancé Dennis' side chick, MTO News has confirmed.

The drama popped off last night, when Porsha posted a pic of her fiancé Dennis, along with castmate Eva's husband, Michael Sterling.

Shortly after the pic was posted, a woman named Shayla commented on the pic that Dennis was her "bae". Porsha immediately confronted the woman, asking for clarification.

And the woman then made STUNNING CLAIMS. She claimed that, "[she] was just with" Porsha's fiancé. And the woman further suggested that Porsha's fiancé has been lying to her about his whereabouts.

Here's how it all started:


Then Porsha and her fans started asking more questions:


Finally, the alleged side chick came clean, she claims that she was "just" with Dennis:


The woman deleted her Instagram shortly after this piece was published.