Atlanta Housewives Porsha BREAKS UP w/ Dennis - Kicks Him Out!!


Porsha Williams and her baby's father Dennis McKinley have split up, and this time it look like they're over FOR GOOD, MTO News has learned.


The couple initially split up last year, after Porsha caught Dennis "cheating" on her. But Porsha and Dennis worked hard to get their relationship back on track. That included attending couples' counseling in an effort to get to the root of their issues, and so that they can work toward a solution and move forward in their relationship.

But even counseling couldn't fix their problems.

MTO News spoke with two people working on the upcoming season of the Atlanta Housewives - and they confirmed that Porsha and Dennis are no longer together, and Dennis has moved out of their home.

We asked what caused Porsha to finally "fire" Dennis, and were told that the "quarantine was hard on their relationship." Before the worldwide quarantine, Dennis was frequently traveling - and the two were rarely in the same home for more than a couple of days at a time.

But the quarantine changed that and instead of enhancing their level of intimacy, it drove them apart.

The couple also unfollowed each other on social media: