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Atlanta Housewives Phaedra Does 1000 Squats A Day!! (Pics)

Phaedra from the Real Housewives Of Atlanta has been exercising like crazy recently - doing an average of 1000 squats every day. And she unveiled the results of all that exercise yesterday.

Phaedra has taken a leave of absence from the hit Bravo show for the last two seasons, but multiple sources close to the network tell MTO News that she will definitely be returning next season.

But it will be a "new and improved" Phaedra Parks. First off, she's in a happy and healthy relationship with Chicago radio personality Tone Kapone.

Secondly, look at her. Phaedra unveiled her new and improved shape yesterday:

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media and she posted a sizzling photo where she is wearing a pink and black bodysuit.

Proud of her famous derrière, Phaedra used this eye-popping caption where she used Janet Jackson’s nasty reference: “Only look back if what’s behind you is worth seeing ~Phaedra or Ms. Parks if you nasty. ”

One fan told the attorney: “Come all the way through Ms. Parks! I can’t wait till you get back on the show! You are def one of my favs! See what happens when you let toxic shhh and ppl go”

Wow, it's been a long time since we've seen a natural booty like that . . . 

In addition to being a reality star and motivational speaker, Phaedra is also a very accomplished attorney. Phaedra has served as president of the Gate City Bar Association and on the advisory board of the American Bar Association. Parks has been an on-air legal analyst for media outlets including NBC, Fox, CNN, truTV, EXTRA and Entertainment Tonight and has been quoted on legal issues in dozens of publications including The New York Times, Newsweek and People.