Atlanta Housewives star Nene Leakes has asked Bravo TV executives to fire fellow housewife Cynthia Bailey, MTO News has learned.

Nene's request has come at a time when the production team is LOOKING to make changes to the cast. As MTO News has reported last week, Bravo is looking to make the show "younger." They'd like to swap out the older housewives and replace them with younger ones.

And Nene is looking to help the execs along, by requesting that Cynthia get FIRED.

We're told that while in New York City this week, Nene spoke to the Bravo executives about her future with the show. During the conversation, Nene told execs that she thinks that Cynthia should be "fired" from the show.

It's not clear what Cynthia's future on the show is now, after Nene asked that she be replaced.

So what did Cynthia do to Nene - to make the top Atlanta Housewife want Cynthia off the show? Who knows. But look at the shade that Nene threw this week on social media:


And here's a recent pic showing Cynthia being all "nice" "pretty" and "supportive" of Nene.


Sources close to ‘RHOA’ told Radar Leakes was shocked to find out that Bailey went to Bravo executives and “actively campaigned to get Kenya [Moore] back on the show.”

“NeNe feels totally betrayed by Cynthia,” the snitch told Radar.

Moore was fired from RHOA after refusing to film with her husband after her secret marriage.

“Cynthia pitched Kenya coming back as ‘Kenya Vs. Nene.’ When NeNe found out she went ballistic,” the insider revealed.

Leakes wrote the Tweet immediately after finding out about Bailey’s betrayal, the source said.

“Have u ever had a close friend that was setting you up for the kill? The gag is, you know it tho! They however wants EVERYBODY to think they are nice, pretty and supportive! but really they r insecure, not that pretty, not talented and certainly not nice! Their day is coming,” she Tweeted on December 18.