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Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes will be wearing her REAL HAIR on the new episode of Bravo's Atlanta Housewives - airing tomorrow. And well, its interesting.

The 50 year old Nene has some hair "issues" that she had to work out, before she could wear her hair natural.

One issue is that Nene reportedly has NO edges whatsoever. 

We spoke with one on Nene's former stylists and they spilled the tea. According to Nene's former stylist, Nene "hasn't had edges since the 90s."

So the Atlanta Housewife has resorted to a "comb over" look, to hide the fact that she has no edges. You can see it in the below pic.

We have to say, the short hair looks nice on her - and her new stylist did a good job concealing her bald edges.

Here's Nene's real hair:


NeNe discussed the last RHOA episode in a Bravo blog post. She admitted, “When all the girls showed up in Miami to support me and Gregg, it really warmed my heart and made me feel loved.” There hasn’t been a lot of catty drama between the Housewives, but this season is gripping nonetheless. It’s actually very refreshing and compelling to see the women come together to support Gregg and NeNe.

You can get an even closer look TOMORROW NIGHT on the newest episode of the Atlanta Housewives on Bravo at 8 PM.