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Nene Leakes from The Atlanta Housewives is fighting back, at allegations that she "assaulted" housewife Porsha Williams, who is currently pregnant.

MTO News exclusively reported yesterday that Porsha accused Nene of assaulting her, during the a violent episode that Nene had in her master bedroom closet.

Now Nene took to Instagram Live, to defend herself from the allegations.

Nene told the audience:

Th closet is [small] with an island in the floor. And Porsha is the only one saying that she was touched. Or I think what she's saying is that I touched her and that her belt came off.

I'd like to know how is that possible - and that's what I told her at the reunion - I was not even behind you.

Here's her full rant video:

After confirming MTO News' earlier reporting, Nene then went on to explain how she is no longer friends with Cynthia. She claims that Cynthia did something SNEAKY during this season's final episode.

Just for background, fans seem to believe Nene made some contact as the now far along reality starlet, Porsha exited the closet with her belt off her waist.

When asked about how it came off, however, Porsha kept her response brief.

"Nothing happened with the belt," she said. "I'm not really talking about that because our relationship will be ruined."

Getting together with Kandi and Marlo Hampton during the episode, Porsha expounded on how she felt during the heated moment.

"I don't think I've felt that type of anxiety and fear run through my body," she said. "Maybe being pregnant I'm really kind of helpless."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is Bravo's top rated show. It airs on Sundays at 8PM.