Atlanta Housewives Nene Husband Gregg Was 'Tricking' Money On Woman!!


Gregg Leakes, husband of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes is being accused of "tricking" off her money on a woman who is described as a "younger" and "smaller" version of Nene, MTO News has learned.

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Last month Nene talked about rumors that Gregg was cheating on her, and spending their family's money on one of Nene's employees.

Well, now one of Nene's former employees went on Instagram Live yesterday and spilled the tea on Gregg's alleged relationship. And it's pretty juicy.

The woman claims that she worked at Nene's Baltimore store, and Gregg used to hit on a woman that worked there.

The woman explained: "Gregg was tricking...the girl was small and had a short haircut, and was definitely Gregg's type."

She added, "One day it was just me and her in the store and the girl randomly told me 'Gregg tried to talk to me and we be Facetiming each other.'"

Rumors surrounding Gregg and the woman started swirling around the store, and Nene caught wind. Eventually, the 52-year-old Reality star confronted her husband, and he admitted to his infidelity.

Then a fight broke out in the store - involving Nene. Listen in the video above - as the woman explains it all.