Nene Leakes from the Atlanta Housewives got into a heated argument with a fan, Nene threatened the fan with violence, and the fan ended up cussing out Nene - and calling the Bravo star a "Man."

It all started at the airport in Atlanta, when two fans approached Nene and tried to start a conversation. Nene, who was busy on her phone, ignored the ladies - and that upset the two fans.

So the women decided to "read" Nene right there in the airport. One lady called Nene a "man" and the other told Nene that "everything people say about you on [the Atlanta Housewives] is true."

But Nene wasn't going to just stand there and be berated by the women. The top paid Atlanta Housewife then appeared to threaten the woman with physical violence.

Here's the video:

Nene told the lady, "You're gonna get your a** whooped if you don't get out of my face."

The angered fan must have realized that Nene was serious because she walked away shortly after Nene issued her ultimatum.

Here's what the angry fan had to say about the interaction: