Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta has reportedly been fired, and she went on an epic rant yesterday after learning her fate.

The reality show star announced just this week, that she's going to be starring in a new scripted series for Pop TV called Ride or Die

Nene happily shared the news of her new gig on Instagram with all of her fans on Monday saying:

She done, done it again! Another scripted series! I was really trying to move in silence on this because I know the people that try to stop my greatness is watching me but I see it has hit the press #butGod#positivevibesonly!.

Well now MTO News is hearing that Nene has already allegedly been fired from the show.

According to a person close to Nene, the Atlanta Housewife filmed scenes for the new show - but is not expected to remain with the show long-term. The pal explained, "I don't know what happened, I think they just let [Nene] walk."

And Nene doesn't seem to be taking her losing the job well. 

She went on a bizarre rant on social media yesterday, appearing to blame one of her male "friends" for messing up the opportunity.

While she didn't name names - her fans are guessing who she might be talking about. Some are suggesting that she's talking about male producers from The Real Housewives, and possibly her friend Andy Cohen.