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There have been rumors for months, that Nene Leakes is getting fired from Bravo's Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Nene was suspended for 3 episodes this season, and she's appearing less and less on each episode.

And now Nene has come out publicly - saying that the network is trying to phase her off the show.

Bravo's been accused of doing this in the past, especially to the older ladies on the Real Housewives franchises. Recently Bravo let go Vicki Gunalvson and Lisa Vanderpump, two of the franchises oldest housewives. Nene is 51 years old.

Here's Nene confirming that Bravo is low key phasing her out of the show. When two fans brought it up, Nene confirmed their suspicions.


But don't expect Nene to just get fired, and leave the show without a fight. Nene recently hired attorney Lisa Bloom - whose known for fighting hard (and publicly) for her clients.

Here's Nene announcing that Lisa's her lawyer: