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Bravo's top show the Real Housewives Of Atlanta is in danger of being cancelled after getting the lowest ratings in the history of the show, MTO News has confirmed.

The ratings from Sundays episode came out, and they were worse than expected - only 1.64M people watched the show. That's how almost 50% from where the show was last season.


We spoke with a Bravo executive who believes that the Atlanta Housewives franchise is now in danger of being cancelled. The insider explained, "The Atlanta Housewives costs more than any other show. The salaries are higher, there's a lot more editing and shooting. "

According the the executive, if the ratings continue to drop - the show might no longer be profitable. The insider added, "The show is profitable this season, next season who knows. And once it's no longer profitable it's cancelled."

The insider explained that if the ratings continue to drop, she gives it a 50% chance that the show is cancelled in the next two years.

The insider ended, "[Bravo] has tons of reruns from [earlier] seasons. They could cancel the show, and still air 'Atlanta Housewives' episodes for years to come."

Sandra Rose reported that, "Snitches thinks the ratings disaster may be averted if Andy Cohen drops to his knees and begs Kenya Moore, Sheree Whitfield and Phaedra Parks to come back and "stir up some drama."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta still fared better than the Kardashian klan whose reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians saw a slight uptick in their ratings from 880,000 viewers 2 weeks ago to just over 1.1 million viewers this past weekend."