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Atlanta Housewives Shamari and Marlo went at it yesterday on Twitter, after Shamari threw shade at Marlo on Andy Cohen's Watch What's Happening Live show.

During the show, a caller asked Shamari who the "shadiest" housewife was. And Shamari was going to say Marlo - but then she caught herself - and said, "Wait Marlo isn't a housewife."

According to Bossip, "Shamari shadily pointed out on Sunday’s “Watch What Happens Live” that Marlo’s only a friend of the show and NOT a housewife…"

Here's the video:

But you know Marlo wasn't going to let that stand, and she went on Twitter and threw shots at Shamari.

The two went at each other - and it was a good battle.

But then Marlo hit Shamari with a low blow, and ended the Twitter war with a knockout punch.