Kim Zolciak-Biermann, the former Real Housewives Of Atlanta peach-holder who now has her own Bravo Show Don't Be Tardy, is in the news today. Well it's not her, it's her 17 year old daughter Ariana.

Folks on social media are speculating that the teenager underwent some type of facial plastic surgery - on her lips.

From Snapchat to Instagram, Brielle has denied going under the knife for everything from a nose job to butt implants. However, she has been open about her one cosmetic procedure: her lip injections.

"Thank you thank you!!! to my favorite, @simonourianmd!!! My lips are my biggest insecurity and I'm so happy w my results now," she wrote on social media last year. And she doesn't care what her "fans" think, captioning a photo of herself flipping the bird, "To those who think I've 'ruined' my face. I love it keep it comin."

Here's what she used to look like before:


And this is what she looks like now:

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), "parental consent is required for all plastic surgery procedures performed on teens younger than 18 years old."

Up until recently "lip fillers" was not a common procedure for teenage girls. But Kylie Jenner changed all that.

Before Kylie admitted to getting lip fillers, the most common procedure performed for someone Ariana's age is a nose reshaping or rhinoplasty, which makes up nearly half of the plastic surgery procedures performed on those ages 13 to 19, according to ASPS. 

Otoplasty, or correction of the ears, came in next, with breast augmentation or reduction following. 

No data has yet been released regarding temporary lip fillers, but a quick look on Snapchat will show that it is now one of the most common practices among teens.