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Former Atlanta Housewives Kim Zolciak had one too many lip injections, now her lips appear to have "exploded." Kim revealed her new face last night on social media, and she immediately went viral, and not in a good way.

The mom of six had the camera poised and zoomed in on her face. Her trademark blonde hair was long and wavy, but most noticeably her lips were pumped and lined with a pale pink lipstick.

Kim's face appeared to be very distorted, and her lips have blown up to such an extreme size, that people are saying that her lips "exploded"

Here are some pics of her now:


“Please stop with the lip injections, you are gorgeous, you don’t need to do that,” one user commented.


The above pics show graphically, her "exploded" lips. And her comments are filled with her "fans" who are critical of Kim's new look. Here are some of the comments from the "fans."



So why do her lips look like this? Well according to Kim's assistant, who spoke about the incident on social media, Kim had a "reaction" to the substance injected in her lips.

She claims that doctors believe her lips will go down in size when the reaction passes.


While Zolciak did not respond to the backlash, she did thank a fan who told her looked “gorgeous” and replied to another user who asked about the return of her series Don’t Be Tardy. (According to Zolciak, the show is returning for season 7 in February.)

This is not the first time that the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been trolled about her lips. Back in August, she clapped back at fans who told her to take a break from the fillers.