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The new season of the Atlanta Housewives will be full of explosive drama - and physical altercations. According to multiple members of the production team - Kenya Moore and new housewife Tanya Sam got into a "fight."

No blows were landed, and the two ladies had to be pulled apart by security.

But we're told that Tanya was trying to put hands on fellow Atlanta Housewife Kenya.

Here's what one person close to production told MTO News: "Kenya and Tanya got into a little argument, it wasn't anything serious just a few jabs being sent back and forth."

But then, explained the insider, Kenya threw a bunch of low blows towards Tanya. The insider told MTO News, "Kenya started getting personal - talking about how Tanya's boyfriend will never marry her. And she said that Tanya should have frozen her eggs, now it's too late for her to have a kid."

The insider added, "Kenya went from being shady to being really cruel. And Tanya tried to put hands on her."

MTO News is told that Tanya - who is usually calm and cool - flew into a rage and tried to fight. Luckily for all involved that security was there to stop her from hurting Kenya.

Kenya discussed her drama with Tanya two days ago on Instagram - but she didn't mention Tanya specifically. Kenya claimed that Tanya's outburst was done to "make a name for herself."

Before their fight - the two were friends. Here's Kenya defending Tanya - when a fan tried to warn Kenya to "watch her back."