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Quad from Married 2 Medicine and Kenya from Real Housewives of Atlanta were on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live last night, and the two ladies got into a very bitter argument.

It all started when Andy played a clip of Kenya's husband - defending her arch enemy Nene.

After the clip ended, Quad asked Kenya how she feels about Marc defending Nene. Kenya refused to answer her question, saying, "I'll let Andy ask the questions because this is his show."

And Kenya's shade continued, a few breaths later Kenya called Quad's show Sister Circle a "cute show."

But things really turned up, when an audience member asked Kenya why she was shading Quad.

Kenya told Andy, "[Quad] has a little bit of shady history towards me."

Quad seemed surprised by what Kenya was saying, and tried to get to the bottom of it, on national TV. But Kenya did her best to dance around Quad's questioning, while jabbing her with shady shots here and there.

Watch the two ladies go at it:

During the After Show, Quad apologized to Kenya for her behavior on a past visit to the Clubhouse that upset Kenya.

According to an eagle-eyed fan that commented on YouTube:

Quad is good friends with Phaedra and has shaded Kenya several times over the years including laughing about her mother not being in her life. She has legitimate reasons to not be here for Quad and her fakeness.

So it seems that there is some underlying issue...hopefully Quad and Kenya won't be booked together again for WWHL, but as we all know, Andy lives for the drama.