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Todd Tucker from the Atlanta Housewives is making news this morning, after he took his  22-year old daughter Kaela Tucker with him to what appear store be a London strip club.

The two are in London on a family trip, without Todd's wife Kandi. And last night, Todd and his daughter decided to go out for some "adult" fun.

And Todd shamelessly posted a video from the strip club on Instagram. He captioned the picture, "Kaela watch out for the booty."

Here's the video:

And here are images from the night:


Todd's comments are filled with Atlanta Housewives fans who were shocked that Todd would bring his young daughter out to a freaky club.

Here are some of the comments:

This is what you bring your daughter to?? Not cool at all. Yuck

Damn!! Wasn't there anything else for you and your daughter to do? Yikes! Awkward!!

What da hell!!! Gross on all levels

Ooh Wee. Wait til Mama Joyce 👀 This 🤣😂

So far Todd's wife Kandi has not commented on this purported scandal.