Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress asked her daughter Riley if she was "ashamed" of her s*x dungeon business idea. And Riley gave a non-responsive answer, suggesting the teen IS 'ASHAMED' OF HER MOM.

In addition to being a reality star, Riley's mother Kandi sells s*x toys and performs in an X-rated lingerie show which is called the "s*x dungeon"

During a recent Youtube video, Kandi asked Riley whether she was "ashamed" of her. Kandi's daughter seemed startled by the question, and initially told her mom that she wasn't.

But Riley quickly qualified her answer, saying that the dungeon & bedroom talk that her mother does and discusses often embarrass the 16 year old high school senior. 

Riley claims that her teenage friends often send her footage of her mother's s*x talk, and Riley feels like Kandi's s*x persona is rubbed in her face, and she's embarrassed by it.

Then the talk turned to Kandi's s*x dungeon s*x parties. Kandi tells the audience that since Riley is too young she wouldn't be allowed to participate in anything to do with the sex dungeon.

Riley corrects Kandi and makes it clear that even when she becomes of age, she plans to stay clear of any of that because she wants nothing to do with it.

Kandi laughs uncomfortably and tells Riley that she doesn't want Riley to come either. 

Kandi later commends Todd's daughter for coming to the dungeon and supporting her.