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Atlanta Housewives Kandi Burress gave too much information the other night on Big Brother's house.

The houseguests were sitting around sharing embarrassing stories, and Kandi told a DOOSY.

Kandi explained that one time she accidentally POOTED in her husband's face, while they were being intimate.

Kandi told her housemates, "I farted in a man's face before. It's so embarrassing."

Tamar Braxton, who was one of the people Kandi was talking to asked, "What did he say."

Kandi explained, "He laughed. You know when you are coming to that moment [of climax] you can't really control yourself."

But there's more. Kandi claims that after she and Todd laughed off Kandi's accident, they resumed intimacy.

But Kandi claims that she pooted in his face a second time.

Kandi told the houseguests, "[The first poot] ruined the moment at first, then we laughed about it. Then he went back to it, and I did it again."

Listen to Kandi tell the story. herself. It starts at 1:50:

Later in the show, Kandi confirmed that the man who she farted in his face multiple times was her current husband Todd Tucker.

Todd met Kandi in 2011 when he was a production coordinator on Real Housewives of Atlanta. He shot to fame when he began dating the 42-year-old Xscape singer and became part of the cast. The two tied the knot in 2014 in an elaborate Coming To America themed wedding after a one year engagement. The couple even started their own family, welcoming son Ace in Jan. of 2016. Kandi is the famous one in their relationship, but Todd has been a loyal hubby to his star wife.