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A Bravo insider just spilled the tea on ALL the storylines from the upcoming season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

The insider reached out to MTO News with details on all the major storylines. It's a lot to read, but if you're a fan of the Housewives - it's worth it.

We warn you guys, it is FILLED with spoilers.

Here's the tea:

1. The season started with Dennis’s cheating rumor and Bravo made the cast talk about it bc Bravo was pissed at Porsha. Basically after the baby spin off, Porsha launched a monthly subscription service called Peach Lemonade which will live stream their day to day life, an app to make their own don’t be tardy (Dennis’s idea). Bravo made them to pull down the app bc their day to day life should be filmed for the show not for their own gain.

2. Porsha is getting a wedding spin of, They set the wedding date at 1/1/2020 basically force Bravo for the spin of bc filming ends in October, and the cheating rumor helped them for a break up to make up storyline bc they need to save the wedding planning story line for the spin off. Cynthia and Mike set the date of 10/10/2020 which will guarantee her a peach for season 13 and their wedding will be the season finale

3. Nene is getting suspended for the first few episodes not only bc of her behavior last season, but also bc she tried to [strong-arm] the production and failed miserably. Last season at the beginning of filming she promised production that they didn’t need Kenya, the new direction of sisterhood will work that’s why there’s was no big drama in the first half of the season. But ratings failed big, they had the biggest rating drop last season compare to any other shows, demo rating dropped from .9 to .7

4. Last season after the Miami trip at the beginning of the season, the production flew Kenya to NYC to talk about her contract but she was not willing to take any pay cut. And this upcoming season she got a raise from season 10, Nene is not the highest paid, Kandi is, Housewives are paid per episode and Nene is not getting paid for the episodes she’s suspended. Also Eva’s wedding was supposed to be last season’s finale, but there’s was no significant drama last season so they had to extend filming. And also part of Nene’s outburst in the closet accident was bc of production pressure. Bravo was not happy with the footage so she knew she had to make a scene to boost the rating and she couldn’t break the forth wall, so bravo didn’t fire her although she assaulted producers.

5. Kenya carried the upcoming season, she and Nene are guaranteed to sit next to Andy during the reunion. At the time only half way through filming Kenya already feuded with over half of the casts( Eva Marlo nene yovanna and Tanya). Don’t expect Kenya and Porsha to tag team on Nene bc Porsha and Nene made up, Nene made up with everyone besides Kenya and Kenya and Nene had multiple nasty fights through out the season

6. The problem of this cast right now is half of the cast not contributing drama, Kandi has become Cynthia 2.0, she has no drama this season, Porsha is trying to be Sonja and be a comedic relief and doesn’t have much drama, so only Kenya and nene and the friends of have to carry the drama prospect of the show. Eva is pregnant but did have petty drama with Kenya at the begining, they are bff now

7. What happened in Toronto? Yovanna recorded Cynthia talking crap about Nene and Nene and Marlo confronted Cynthia in Toronto, Kenya stood up for Cynthia and told Nene to stfu and nene and Kenya got into it, Porsha and yovanna got into it as well regarding something yovanna said about Dennis

8. The Kenya and Marc divorce, their marriage had problems, Marc is not a very hands on dad and husband, Kenya did all her ivf shots all by herself, Marc is scared of needles. The divorce announcement is very sudden, they did a talk show appearance on Monday, Marc hosted an charity event on Tuesday( filmed) and they announced the divorce on Thursday. Kenya found out the text message of Marc with some girl after the charity event and dumped him. 

9. What happened in Greece? ‘spit gate’ They went on the big cast trip right after Kenya’s divorce announcement. So no question Nene attached Kenya using her failed marriage, and they went back and forth and Nene started making hawking sound like she’s about to spit on Kenya, but she didn’t actually spit on her. So after the fight some castmate told Kenya that nene said she was planning on spitting on her. So when they got back and filmed season finale at kandi’s baby event, Kenya and nene got into it again and Kenya was like ‘ oh so you gon spit on me again?’ Nene is begging production to edit this out but we all know they gon show it lol

10. This season is way better than the past 2 seasons and there are plenty of drama.

11. Marc’s last marriage before Kenya only lasted a year, so kudos for them for lasting two years. Also Marc had two older kids and they were at Kenya and Marc’s wedding, Marc’s parents were at Kenya’s baby shower.