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Gregg Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta appears to be in remission - and doctors are reportedly saying that Nene's husband is cancer free.

Atlanta housewife Nene Leakes and her husband Gregg have been in the news lately, as their marriage seemed to be crumbling. Well MTO News is happy to report some good news about the couple today.

Gregg has been telling friends and family that his prayers were answered, and that he's finally winning his battle with cancer. Gregg was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer 12 months ago, and has been fighting for his life ever since.

And now it looks like Gregg is finally winning the battle with the deadly disease.

We got official confirmation that Gregg is beating cancer yesterday, from his wife Nene.

Nene was attempting to combat rumors that the couple had separated - and while doing so - she accidentally revealed the health status of Gregg. 

Nene wrote on Twitter:

I appreciate you tho Gregg for accepting and understanding that being a care taker is something I’ve never done and i have truly done the best i know how all while making tons of mistakes along the way.

You never asked to get sick and We were both thrown into these new positions over nite but whew chile you have kicked cancers ass!

I can’t wait for u to share with the world your exciting news in a couple of weeks

Congrats to Nene and Gregg, their prayers (and all of ours) were answered.