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Gregg told fans that he misspoke when he called Cynthia his "sister" on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show yesterday.

Gregg is Nene Leakes' husband, and Nene and Cynthia are currently feuding. In the past, Cynthia offered to support Gregg as he battles late stage colon cancer.

During the Atlanta Housewives reunion show, Andy Cohen asked Gregg what his relationship was towards Cynthia Bailey. And Free responded, "She's like a sister."

Now Gregg is walking back those comments.

According to Gregg he went "blank" when Andy asked him about Cynthia - and he said the first thing that came to mind - even though it's not true.

Gregg explained, "What happened was, 'in my head', I could hear my wife saying she was like a sister to her in the past. So i simply said what i heard the voice in my head saying."

But Gregg claims that Cynthia Is NOT like a sister.

He added, "I fully support my wife at every turn. What was done to my wife was not sisterly."