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Gregg Leakes, Nene's husband on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta announced this season that he's fighting late stage colon cancer. Now a family member is claiming that Greg may be faking having cancer for clout and a storyline!!!

The explosive allegations came from a private Facebook Group - which contained friends and associates of the Leakes family.

During the discussion, Gregg's son Brice's babys mother Symone dropped a bombshell. She claims that Brice told her that Gregg is "not sick." According to Symone, Gregg his faking the deadly illness for the cameras.

Here's the discussion:

Janise B**** I saw your Instagram that you said Greg wasn't sick. Is that true?

Sean W*** Janise B**** wait! I missed that part!

LaKenya L*** Naw now? I know these folks aren't faking cancer. I'm not believing that.

Nia Marie WAIT WHAT?!

Symone D*** Gregg is not sick. Now I'll say this. When I first met them, Gregg use to wear a mask around his mouth sometimes. I just thought with him being older, he didn't want to get sick or get anyone else sick. Now when Brice came back over my house 2 weeks ago, I asked how Gregg is doing. He got mad and said Gregg is not sick. I said "don't get mad at me. I only know what I see". He said EXACTLY. That's all anyone knows is what's on TV & SM. He said Gregg is not sick

Symone D*** With him getting mad, I didn't go further into detail with it

Nia Marie Omg are you serious?!!!!!

Symone Davis Nia Marie Dead ass

Janise B**** Sounds like some BS to say his father is not sick. You don't heal from Cancer over night. Maybe he was mad about something, cause that makes no sense

Symone D*** Janise B***** Absolutely don't heal over night. Gregg chose not to do chemo for a reason. That reson being, idk yet. But there is A LOT more going on in that house right now other then his cancer story

Krystian K** Something had to happen... he doesn’t even look the same...idk... ppl refuse chemo for different reasons... He sure as hell wasn’t his best self. I’m just trying to make it make sense.

Symone D*** I do believe he was sick. Sick with what, idk. I do know it isn't life threatening tho. And we have to remember, Gregg is pushing 70. He isn't going to be in the best shape. Especially dealing with the wife he has. I've been around when he was talking to her and she was rolling her eyes and saying whatever Gregg. She doesn't listen to him & she treats him like shit. TV is TV. Not REAL.

Gregg and Nene have not yet commented on the explosive allegations.