Last night, Bravo leaked an explosive scene from next week's Real Housewives Of Atlanta. 

The scene starts off with the reveal that it was Yovanna who was the "snake" who secretly taped Cynthia Bailey, and then played the video to the other housewives.

But that was only the beginning. After the ladies confront Yovanna, a shoving match pops off between Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes.

Kenya and Nene have never been friends - but their animosity towards each other never led to any physical aggression - until now.

Here's video of Yovanna being exposed:

Initially, Porsha Williams was going after Yovanna, telling the rest of the girls that she needed to go, presumably because she confessed to being the snake.

Nene was the one standing between the two, trying to avoid a physical fight. Porsha said, once Yovanna had been escorted out of the room: "I don't want that h*e in the room!"

Once Yovanna was out and Porsha had calmed down, Nene pleaded with Cynthia to hear her out so she could explain the situation to her.

Cynthia, who tried to keep things under control, told Nene: "I will talk to you another time."

Also in the explosive video, Nene Leakes gets into a shoving match with Kenya Moore:

Nene Leakes has been involved in violent alterations in the past. Last season she knocked out one of Bravo's cameraman's teeth - when he tried to enter her closet.