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ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES EXPOSED . . . Matt Jordan Claims That He Was PAID . . . To BREAK Kenya's Window . . . And 'PRETEND TO BE CRAZY'!!!


Welp, Love And Hip Hop isn't the only FAKE reality show - so is the Atlanta Housewives.

In the new season of the Housewives, Kenya Moore CALLS THE POLICE, when she appears t catch her ex-boyfriend breaking the window to her garage.

Well Matt is claiming that the entire incident was STAGED, and that he was "paid" to do so.

Here's what Matt told Radar Online when asked about the incident:

“Miss Moore requested I do that and certain things to build her storyline,” he told Radar. “I never broke anything that wasn’t already planned to happen. It was agreed upon prior to it. It was per her decision to boost her storyline on the show.”

As Radar exclusively reported, Moore called police when she discovered her glass garage door, garage door, outdoor security camera and Range Rover were damaged on August 15.

Well if it was staged, then doesn't that mean that Kenya filed a "fake report"?