Atlanta Housewives Eva Got BREAST IMPLANTS This Off Season!! (Pics Of GIANT Additions)

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Last season, Eva Marcille - formerly from America's Net Top Models - joined the cast of the Atlanta Housewives, as a friend of the show. Well she decided to make a few changes during the off-season.

The most noticeable change is to her body. Eva appears to have underwent breast augmentation surgery. And she didn't just level up . . . she leveled ALL THE WAY UP.

According to the below pic, Eva appears to have gone up at least 4 or 5 bra sizes. Some observers are speculating that she went from a size A bra . . . to a size D.

Eva has a lot to be thankful for, MTO News learned that Eva and her longtime BF plan on getting married in a few weeks - with Bravo cameras there. And the couple welcomed their son into the world back in April.

So Eva deserved to give herself a little TREAT, as a "push"/bridal shower gift to herself.