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Atlanta Housewives Apollo Didn't See Children After Release!!

Apollo Nida from the Atlanta Housewives was released from prison two weeks ago, and 9 days later he was sent back two prison.

Now his fiancé Sherien is speaking out, and claiming that Apollo never got to see his kids upon release.

Apollo was in federal prison for 5 years on an 8 year sentence, after pleading guilty to fraud and identity theft.

And even though he was released to a half-way house, he never got the chance to see his kids, according to Sherien.

Sherien explained in a Father's Day Instagram post that was filled with subtle shade towards Apollo's ex Phaedra:

When I picked you up [from prison], the FIRST thing you wanted to do, was call your children. What a beautiful thing to witness, they were sooo happy to hear from you

Apollo was released to a halfway house in Pennsylvania. His children - Ayden, 8, and Dylan, 5, live with their mother Phaedra Parks in Atlanta.

Sherien added that Apollo is a "great dad" to her 10 year old daughter.

Phaedra has been cordial towards Apollo, ever since their divorce was finalized in 2014. 

She told people magazine, "“We have two beautiful sons together. I’ll always be grateful for that". Then added, "I’m hoping he will get married to whomever he is engaged to, honey, and he will be out of my hair.”

Its not clear whether Phaedra and Apollo scheduled a visit to Pennsylvania, before he was re-arrested.